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A publishing reward?

So when you finally get published do you have a reward planned for yourself? Other than of course having the privilege of actually being published! I’d always promised myself I would get a small tattoo of a quill. It would have a thin line and possibly be in navy ink… I’m a clean skin, so it’d be a big thing for me to get one.

Something like this perhaps?

Or maybe this one?

I’m undecided, it may even be the title of my book? What would you get if you were publishing for the first time and were inclined to celebrate with an inking?

I mean there are other different ways you could mark the occasion, you could get some jewellery, or take your significant other to a slap-up dinner? The latter would create memories, but wouldn’t give you something tangible.

I have looked around online for some interesting author type presents for myself. There is always a new writer’s planner, or notebook – some magnificent ones around! I don’t mind the leather, it’s always durable and lasts a lifetime if you look after it.

I did also find this bracelet while I was searching:

I write in my home office, so to ward off the teenagers – this would also be a great little present for myself.

There were some crude sayings for mugs and things, but I have my own shop – so I’m covered for that stuff. I’ve already spoilt myself by spending money on courses. I just bought the Self Published Formula’s Ads for Authors – which was a significant purchase, especially considering I haven’t finished my book (insert eye roll here).

Anyhoo, I’ve been a bit slack with my so-called weekly blog posts. It’s been a busy time getting things ready for the next quarter and fulfilling some of my other online shop requirements. I’ll try and do better.

In the meantime, I’m 3/4 into the first draft and have done a re-read to map the plot points to a plot diagram and see if I have any gaps in the storyline. I figure it’ll be another month or so to get the first draft completed and given to my beta readers.

Thank you for reading, will be in touch again soon!

Ainsley x